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How to read deleted messages on Fouad WhatsApp

    The official WhatsApp instant messaging has brought a lot of convenience to people. If you were asked to uninstall any app from your phone, you wouldn’t think of WhatsApp. But there is a reality we have to face, WhatsApp has a lot of flaws that have been criticised. However, these flaws have been solved perfectly with Fouad WhatsApp.

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    We all know that WhatsApp is able to withdraw conversations. However, this is a permanent damage to whatsapp chat history as its endpoint cannot be recovered. Therefore people are looking for new ways to access the information. For example, you may need to download a third party application, the PastNotification app, which is a very good data recovery application. But at the same time it will certainly cause a certain amount of anxiety for those who no longer have enough storage space on their phones.

    Fouad WhatsApp is an application similar to WhatsApp. Both of them are functionally identical, as Fouad WhatsApp is a modification of WhatsApp, which adds more extraordinary features and focuses more on the user experience. In the official WhatsApp, for example, once a message is withdrawn,the other party will not be able to recover and read the withdrawn message. And now, you can easily view the withdrawn message on Fouad WhatsApp.

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    How to operate the anti-cancellation function of Fouad WhatsApp on an Android phone. This is a major concern for users. The procedure is very simple. We will show you the steps in detail.

    How to read deleted messages on Fouad WhatsApp:

    • Open Fouad WhatsApp to download the apk
    • Click on the three dots on the chat screen (in the top right corner)
    • Find “Chat”
    • Scroll the screen to enable the ‘anti-delete messages’ feature

    Isn’t it easy? If you are also interested in Fouad WhatsApp, come and try Fouad WhatsApp Download 2023. Fouad WhatsApp has many amazing features waiting for you to explore!

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