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Some Frequently Asked Questions About WhatsApp Mod


    Some Frequently Asked Questions About FM Whatsapp

    Q1 What is the difference between WhatsApp and FM Whatsapp?

    Both the applications, be it the original version or the modded one, are meant for communicating with family and friends. Text messages sending images, videos and much more can be done on both the application. The difference is the features they contain. FM Whatsapp is a third party modded version of the WhatsApp. The modded APP serves better features compare to the original one. If you simply want more features, download the latest version of FMWhatsApp from our site.

    Q2 From where I can download FM Whatsapp?

    FMWhatsApp as I said is a third party modded version, so it won’t be able available to download from play store. The only trusted source from where you can download the FM Whatsapp is our site. There are several websites available in the market that are providing either a fake app or apps that might come with the malware or adware, so we at new-gbwhatsapp suggest you download the latest version of FMWhatsapp from the trusted source only.

    Q3 What’s FM WhatsApp? Is it any good?

    You can read more about FMWhatsApp in other posts, FM Whatsapp is the modified version, which means it comes with some of the most asked features that were not present in the original version. Features related to security, privacy, and ease of access are added by the developers to make the user experience better than the official version.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions About YO WhatsApp

    Q1 What is YoWhatsApp?

    It is the same as the original version. YoWhatsApp is modified by the developer Yousef Al-Basha. The difference is of the features, YoWhatsApp contains tons of features that the official WhatsApp version lacks. It offers some of the most features related to privacy, customization and other useful mods

    Q2 Is YoWhatsApp Safe?

    Yes, You won’t have any problem using YoWhatsapp. The server for all the mods is the same, there’s only one server through which all the data transfer takes place. So there are no issues using any WhatsApp mods, all mods are secure and safety is guaranteed

    Q3 How Can I update My YoWhatsApp?

    Hidden contentYoWhatsApp is an alternative version for WhatsApp, But, it is not available on the Play Store. So from where you can update it? Hold on, I will tell you that too. As far as updating the app is considered, you can visit our website. We try to update the MOD APKs as soon as the developer pushes the update. Visit new-gbwhatsapp for future updates and more awesome stuff.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions About GB WhatsApp

    Q1 what is a gbwhatsapp?

    GBWhatsApp latest version is an alternative version of WhatsApp found on the internet, also known as GBWA. This is a modded version that can be found on Gbwhatsapp’s official website, you can download it from One of the best MOD version of WA allows some amazing features which can not be found on the ordinary version. You should know that the Gbmods WhatsApp is not served by WhatsApp Inc. It is developed and served by some other developers, the motive is taking more advantages. 

    Q2 is gbwhatsapp is safe to use?

    No, the app is not safe for fair usage, if you use GB Whatsapp, your account may get temporarily blocked by WhatsApp. On the other hand, it is not harmful to your Android device. Many websites providing GBWhatsapp APK files and third party links for its APK files, beware of those sites they may shift malware to snitch your personal data. As long as you download the app from trusted websites like new-gbwhatsapp. your device can be safe.

    Q3 how to get gbwhatsapp?

    To download GBWhatsApp on your Android, visit the Gbwhatsapp official website Gbplus.Net, on the menu, click on, ‘GB WhatsApp Download’ clicking it you will be redirected to the download of GBWA. There you have to select the version, I recommend you, select the latest version and click on it. As soon as you click the download stars.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions About FouadWhatsApp

    Q1 is fouad whatsapp safe?

    Fouad WhatsApp is one of the WhatsApp or WA Mods that has been redeveloped with several modifications from the original application features.Usually, on Fouad WhatsApp This apk has many new features that you don’t find in the original WhatsApp, such as being able to upload more files than the original, creating long stories, being able to view deleted messages, themes and various other features.However, because Fouad WhatsApp This is a third-party modified application, so users should be careful if they want to install it on Android.

    Q2 How to install Fouad WhatsApp?

    After downloading this app from this website open the downloaded file and click on the install button. When the installation is completed enter your number. A code will be sent to your number for verification, enter that code and start using this app.

    Q3 Is Fouad Whatsapp Safe?

     Fouad WhatsApp Mode is better, more stable, and safe than any random WhatsApp Mod. So far, there are no reports of malware issues in the Fouad Whatsapp. You should not root your device. This is one of the most beautiful WhatsApp modes available right now. It’s safe for your device as well as your account.

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