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Enjoy all the new features of GBWhatsApp

    If you have an Android phone, you’re familiar with the messaging app WhatsApp. Of course, it has become an incoherent part of our lives. Through WhatsApp, we can connect with our friends, family and set up groups to share images, memes and songs.

    It is now unthinkable to live without that green app on your phone. But now if WhatsApp is boring you, GBWhatsApp APK is the new WhatsApp that you can use for entertainment purposes or to have fun with friends.

    This application is also popular because it has the best features and because the application is regularly updated by the developers. You can also update apps on the phone.

    gb whatsapp 2022

    GBWhatsApp’s new feature

    • No Android update required – it requires Android 4.0. So you don’t need to update your phone to the latest available WhatsApp.
    • Sending a Voice message – You can send a long voice message without touching the voice icon. Therefore, it is relatively easy to send voice messages.
    • Play Videos – You can play WhatsApp videos using your favorite installed music player. You can choose the best.
    • Read messages – You can read all group descriptions in the title as normal. So you don’t have to go through every message.
    • Pay bills via WhatsApp — there is a payment option. So share your bills online now and pay your friends.
    • Mention someone in a chat – There is an additional mention option to specifically mention someone in the group. As a result, other people can notice your messages in the chat.
    • Add DO not Disturb Mode – you can add DND mode and automatically have your GBWhatsApp APK disconnected from the Internet. There will be no new messages.
    • New Emojis – There’s a new set of emojis and emojis that you won’t find in regular WhatsApp that can express your every mood.
    • Select Messages before Deleting – You can filter messages when deleting a chat.
    • Send more files – You can now send 30 files at the same time instead of the 100 allowed by normal WhatsApp.
    • Hide Chat and Save Story – There is an additional option to hide chat and save status/story, which is a huge plus point.
    • Hide Typing status and second tick – In addition to hiding your blue tick, you can also hide typing and double ticks. Therefore, you can reply to messages anonymously.
    • Support for more languages – it supports over 100 languages.
    • Change the theme – You can change the theme of a WhatsApp chat.
    • Send more images – You can share 90 images at once instead of 10.
    • Change ICONS – You can change the application icon and notification icon.
    • Secure your WhatsApp – Even if you don’t add third-party software, you can add locks to your WhatsApp and secure your chats.

    GBWhatsApp FAQ

    What is GBWhatsApp APK?

    GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. Instead of using the official WhatsApp, you can get many extra features through GBWhatsApp. Features like hiding online status, airplane mode, etc. are the core strengths of GBWhatsApp. It has extra privacy and there is no cost to use this module.

    Is GBWhatsApp APK Safe?

    GBWhatsapp is safe and secure. Developers use the official WhatsApp source code to modify the appearance of the app and add more features. GBWhatsapp APK still uses the official WhatsApp server to send and receive messages, which means your messages are still encrypted. However, it is not recommended to use GBWhatsapp for official purposes.

    How to hide double tick on GBwhatsapp Android?

    Click on Privacy – then select Second Tick, you successfully disable the double grey click on the GBWhatsApp.

    How to hide last seen viewing status on GBWhatsApp?

    1. First launch GB Whatsapp and tap the three dots on the top right corner
    2. Find “Hide Online Status” in the menu

    Once this setting is enabled, your online status will never be shown to your contacts, even if you are online. This will also disable the last viewed time for all your contacts.

    Where to download the latest GBWhatsApp?

    Below you can download the latest official GBWhatsApp.

    GBWhatsApp APK is much better than the regular WhatsApp you use. However, there have been some concerns raised about security because it’s not available on the Google Play store, possibly because it’s a copy of WhatsApp, so there could be copyright issues.

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