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How to use GBwhatsapp 2023

    Have you heard of GBwhatsapp? If so, do you know what GBwhatsapp is? It is an official Modified Android APK file WhatsApp in this tutorial, we show you how to use it. If you use WhatsApp too much and show it online, and want to hide it, then GBWhatsApp is the best choice. Other features it offers: You can hide your blue tick, second tick, online status, writing status, etc, from other Whatsapp users, but you can see other people without them seeing you.


    GBWhatsApp can run on the same Android smartphone without deleting the original Whatsapp. It is the best mode app for WhatsApp users to hide last viewed, online status and other hacks. You can use your own custom themes, colors, and more.

    GBWhatsApp mode Apk function

    Undo multiple WhatsApp messages

    Arrange built-in features for WhatsApp messages

    Hide your online status to show everyone offline during a chat

    Allows sending up to 50 MB of video

    Allows sending up to 50 MB of video

    The clipboard copies the state of others

    The clipboard copies the state of others

    Hide the second tick of contacts and groups even after message delivery

    It allows you to add 600 people to a broadcast group

    The original WhatsApp only allowed 139 characters of status, but this one gives 255 characters

    Supports over 100 languages

    Instant translation of chat into other languages

    Custom theme options

    Hide the blue microphone when opening voice messages for contacts and groups

    Hide view status privacy so that even after viewing the status of other users or contacts, your name does not show them that you have seen their status.

    Custom and new emoticons

    You can also set 24-hour online status

    Can be used alongside the official WhatsApp as Dual WhatsApp

    No injunction issues

    Hide writing information when typing messages for contacts and groups

    Hide recording status when recording for contacts and groups

    Block calls to specific contacts

    Send 90 pictures in one click

    You can copy selected Whatsapp message text

    Lock down some of your personal WhatsApp chats without any third-party apps.

    Hide the last view time from only selected contacts.

    Send Gif images and disable voice calls if necessary.

    Change the scale color and style

    Media presentation

    How to install GBWhatsApp on Android using original WhatsApp

    Since GBWhatsapp is a modified APK file for Android, it is not available in the Google Play Store. So the question now is where to download GbWhatsapp.

    After downloading the APK file, transfer it to your smartphone; Go to file Manager, click on the GBWhatsApp APK file and it will prompt you to install it. If unknown sources are disabled in your smartphone, it will ask for it to be enabled. Normally, it is located in Settings – >; Under the security. Check the option Unknown Sources and click OK on the prompt message

    How to set up, run and restore raw WhatsApp data and chat backups to GBwhatsapp

    1、You’ll see Dual WhatsApp on Android smartphones.

    2、Before opening, running and setting up GBWhatsApp, we copy or back up the original WhatsApp, data, media files and chat logs to GBWhatsApp. To do this, go to file Manager and find the WhatsApp folder.

    3、Open WhatsApp and click + hold to copy the database folder.Now go back and find the folder name GBWhatsApp, open it and paste the copied database folder here. Please see the screen capture for more information…

    4、Finally, we copied all the data, chat and media files from the main WhatsApp to GBWhatsAPP, and now it’s time to install it.

    Open GBWhatsApp and click Agree and Continue. You’ll also see an option RESTORE but this doesn’t work now and says can’t find any backup /SDcard/ GBwhatsApp because this is the first time we’ve installed GBwhatsApp.

    Enter the phone number you used in the original WhatsApp. Now click on the option COPY WHATSAPP DATA which will COPY all media files from the original WHATSAPP folder to GBWhatsapp.

    5、The modified app is based on the original WhatsApp, which is why all the other steps are the same as the original steps. To restore the backup in GBWhatsapp, click Restore when displayed.

    How to delete or disable WhatsApp Blue Ticks or read receipt in Android

    Having installed GB WhatsApp based on WhatsApp (original), it’s time to use it.

    To delete or disable WhatsApp Blue Tick read receipt, we need to open GBWhatsapp.

    Click on the three dots given in the upper right corner

    Select the privacy option and click the blue check

    If you want to hide a contact’s blue tick, select the contact and then select the group for the WhatsApp Group. This way, you can disable your delivery reports for your friends on WhatsApp.

    How to hide online status in GBWhatsApp Android

    The second benefit of the stereotypical WhatsApp that people are desperately seeking is a way to disable everyone’s status while chatting online. Impossible in the original Whatsapp, but on GB:

    Go to privacy – > Hide your online status and automatically restart Whatsapp to apply the mod.

    To freeze last seen on the GBwhatsapp follow the below-given steps:

    Go to Whatsapp Settings.

    Click account – > Privacy.

    Select the Last Seen option and make it visible to everyone.

    Now go to the GbWhatsapp Privacy section and select hide Your Presence TAB.

    Once you click “Hide Online” status, all your contacts will see the frozen status they last saw. The time visible in the last second will be the time of your choice Hide Online Status.

    How to hide double tick on GBwhatsapp Android

    Double check marks on Whatsapp indicate that your message has been delivered, but for some personal reason, if you want to show the check marks but remain online, go to privacy Settings again. Second check, you successfully disabled double grey click on WhatsApp.

    How do I disable WhatsApp calls on GBWhatsApp?

    Click on the three dots given in the upper right corner, then select the GB Settings option from the pop-up window, and then select Other Mods after Disable Voice Calls. After selecting, you will be given three options:

    Enabling All Calls

    Block calls by displaying ringing to the Opp

    Block calls without showing ringing to Opp Person.

    Select the action you want to perform.

    Is GBwhatsapp safe to use?

    Yes, GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp+ Plus are two modified apps for Android smartphones based on the original Whatsapp, and both can be used without fear of an account ban.

    Basically, stylesheet information in Android APK is unencrypted, while code is encrypted. So the modified app is using unencrypted code to make some customizations to WhatsApp’s interface and built-in features. But your messages are still sent and received using the original WhatsApp server, which is why GBWhatsApp is completely secure. But you should only download it from its official website.

    We tried to explain all the main features of the app, but there are many other things you can do, such as locking down some specific chats, customizing the title and chat colors, customizing the chat bubbles, customizing the ticks and colors, and more.

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