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How to send photos in one go on Yo WhatsApp?

    As a mod version of WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp has improved many features that people can use. Previously, when you sent a photo on Yo WhatsApp, the person could look at it as many times as they wanted. If you forgot to delete it, it would be a disaster. While you are allowed to delete a message on Yo WhatsApp, that message can be viewed for up to 7 days in total.

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    As the title says, photos marked “View once” can only be viewed once. Once the person opens the sent photo, it disappears from the chat screen. It is also valid for two weeks, during which time it will disappear if the other person does not open it.

    Now follow these steps to send a photo once.

    • Select the contact and open the chat page.
    • Click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to upload a photo or video.
    • You will then be redirected to the editing page. You can then press the icon in the bottom right corner, which looks like a circle with the number 1.
    • You can now send the photo in one go. After sending, only the text “Photo” will be displayed. Nevertheless, people can see the text and enjoy the photo you sent.

    Important: Even if you send a photo that is set to be seen only once, there may be a security risk. For example, if the person receives a photo from you and immediately takes a picture of it, that photo will be saved.

    WhatsApp is already working on a range of new features to meet people’s desire for privacy.

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