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How to Record Yo WhatsApp Voice Call?

    Occasionally, you may need to record important phone calls, but you cannot do it immediately since the feature is not available. It has also been reported that some users receive calls on Yo WhatsApp as well, but recording is not possible on that app.

    For instance, if you’re working from home, you might need a record of an important meeting. You must therefore rely on third-party apps and other services on your phone to accomplish this. Let’s take a look at a few of the most straightforward methods about how to record Yo WhatsAppvoice call right now.

    Yo WhatsApp

    Record Yo WhatsApp Voice Call

    Way 1. Using Built-in Voice Recording App on Your Phone

    Users can activate voice recording features on many smartphone models through their phone settings. Find an option that allows you to record the screen so it can capture any activity the user does while it is on.

    • Step 1. Start your Yo WhatsApp call.
    • Step 2. Generally, you can close out of Yo WhatsApp without ending it as long as your smartphone supports multitasking.
    • Step 3. Open the recording software that comes with your phone to start recording your voice.

    Way 2. Using a Third-Party Call Recorder App

    Third-party applications that offer call recording are numerous and vary in terms of functionality, cost, and application compatibility. These are fully featured software that not only meets the needs of the user and enables Yo WhatsApp recording, but may also have other unexpected features.

    Note: YoWhatsApp is an end-to-end messaging service. Therefore, you must be aware of the risks when you decide to grant access to another application. That’s why we still recommend that you use the software that comes with your machine.


    We have a great guide on how to record calls on the messaging app Yo WhatsApp. Usually, your device comes with a voice recording app as standard, if not you can download one yourself, and using the split screen feature of your phone you can achieve recording.

    Yo WhatsApp is a premium feature-rich software, if you are interested in it, click the button below to download Yo WhatsApp.

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