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Users should know the best Gb WhatsApp tips

    Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? It is the most popular messaging must deliver Android app in the world. We’re guessing that every phone user has this WhatsApp on his or her phone. Why is that? Because WhatsApp is a cross-platform usage delivery app. It supports almost every mobile operating system, from Android to iphones, blackBerrys and Windows phones.

    WhatsApp messages talk this way because of features like delivery, group chat and video calls, as well as the ability to share media, share and update.

    But did you know that you can get more features than WhatsApp offers?Well, that’s what this article is about.

    gb whatsapp
    gb whatsapp

    By replacing your WhatsApp with another great messaging app called GbWhatsApp, you can get more features than WhatsApp has for its users.

    Even if you have two phone numbers and some extra space on your phone, you don’t have to replace them.

    In this article, we will introduce you through GbWhatsApp. You can learn more about gb whatsapp new version here.

    Gb WhatsApp’s fantastic features

    Finally, we will explain the wonderful features in GbWhatsApp. We’re sure you’ll uninstall another version of WhatsApp after learning about the fantastic features that GbWhatsApp has to offer.

    Best GbWhatsApp Tricks That Every User Should Know- First, we’ll explore privacy related Tricks in GbWhatsApp.

    GbWhatsApp offers a number of privacy features that are very useful for WhatsApp users. We’ll discuss each of these privacy tips.

    Tip 1 – Hide your presence tip in Gb WhatsApp

    Sometimes hidden presence techniques can be very useful for many of us. Hiding online status can be a handy trick for students whose parents or any other family member are checking on their “last meeting.”

    You can follow these simple steps to hide your online status

    Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of GbWhatsApp

    Now you get privacys, click on it.

    Here, you will find the option Hide Online Status, click that.

    To display your Online Status again, click on the three dots, and then click on Privacy. You’ll find the Hide Online Status of Show Online Status here.

    Tip 2 – Hide the blue scale in Gb WhatsApp

    Hiding the blue scale is as easy as hiding your online status. To apply this technique, click on three points – >; Privacy – & gt; Blue scale.

    Now you must select the blue scale where you want to hide the contact or group.

    In the same way, you can Hide Second Tick, Writing Status, Recording, Blue Microphone, and Hide View Status. You should try it now.

    Tip 3 – Read deleted messages in Gb WhatsApp

    GbWhatsApp has a trick that lets you read deleted messages. To enable this feature, follow these steps.

    Tap on triple dots – & gt; Privacy – & gt; Enable Anti revoke

    Tip 4 – Enable do not Disturb mode in Gb WhatsApp

    This is one of the great features of GbWhatsApp. Sometimes we might have a situation where it’s important for us to have our phones connected to the Internet, but at that point, getting WhatsApp messages would be annoying. This could be watching a video on YouTube or reading a great blog post.

    In this case, you can enable do not Disturb mode in GbWhatsApp.

    Follow the steps to enable DND mode – in GbWhatsApp

    Open the GbWhatsApp.

    Find the wifi-like icon at the top of the app. Click on that.

    The application will comply with Enable DND mode by clicking the OK button.

    The completion of

    Tip 5- Download status

    With GbWhatsApp, you can download any status uploaded by your friends at any time. Turn on or play any state for this.

    Tip 6 – Change the theme in Gb WhatsApp

    GbWhatsApp offers many themes in its theme library, and you can download any theme of your choice for free.

    To do this, click three – >; GBSettings-> Themes

    Tip 7 – Automatically reply to messages

    In GbWhatsApp, automatic reply to messages is one of the useful features. When you are busy, you can set up automatic reply messages, such as – Hey, I am busy right now, please contact me later.

    To do so, Tap on triple dots — > GBSettings – & gt; Auto-reply

    Tip 8 – Copy profile state

    You can copy the profile status of any friend. Simply continue your friend’s profile status, then click on the status and hold for a second.

    Tip 9 – Hide the chat

    If you are using GBWhatsApp, you can easily hide the chat. Simply select the chat you want to Hide and click on three dots to bring up a menu where you’ll find Hide.

    Tip 10 – View the contact log

    With GBWhatsApp, you can easily spy. Basically, you can check who is online and when and change your profile picture with the help of the contact log option in GBWhatsApp.

    To view contact logs, follow these steps –

    Click on the + icon on the GBWhatsApp home page

    Click the document icon (at the end of the list)

    The contact log will open

    Tip 11 — Lock the chat

    If you use GBWhatsApp, you can lock the chat at any time. GBWhatsApp allows you to lock chat to make messaging more secure.

    Tip 12 – Increase upload size limits

    You can easily increase the upload size limit in GBWhatsApp. Click on the three dots again, then click on GB Settings, then select Media Sharing.

    As you can see in the picture, you can increase the video upload size to 50MB and the audio upload size to 100MB. You can also set the maximum resolution of the state.

    Tip 13 – Message scheduler

    Want to wish your friend a birthday at midnight, but you also like to sleep? Don’t worry, with the Message Scheduler feature in GBWhatsApp, you can schedule your messages at any time.

    To arrange, follow these steps to send a message –

    Click on three points.

    A menu will now appear, find “Message Scheduler” and click on it.

    Now the pre-Scheduler screen will open, click on the + icon in the lower right corner.

    Select a contact from the contact list.

    Write down your message and set the date and time and click as planned.

    These are the best GbWhatsApp tips that every user should know. We hope this article will be helpful to our readers.

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