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FMWhatsApp Apk Download (Official) Latest Version Feb.2023

    Fm Whatsapp is a third-party modified version that offers many customization, privacy, security and advanced operations features not found in the original version. You can download the latest FM whatsapp app here.

    FMWhatsApp Apk Download
    How can I download FMWhatsAPP

    The developers of the app have modified many of the current features and added many of the original features to provide a better user experience, which is why so many people are now willing to use FMwhatsapp.

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    What is FMWhatsApp?

    FM Whatsapp(official is a modified and enhanced version of the original. FM Whatsapp is a useful feature that is missing from the original app. The Internet is awash with FMWhatsapp APK download links, some of which are fake and do not add any features. 

    Our article is to provide you with a secure link to download the latest FMWhatsapp APK. I hope you can try using the latest VERSION of FMWhatsapp APK and enjoy these great features.

    Note :FM WhatsApp Apk can be downloaded and used on any Android device. Any device made by Android, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, etc. can download FM WhatsApp APK. However, FM WhatsApp APK is not available in Google Play Store. There is currently no iOS version available for download.

    FMWhatsApp APK Download 9.65 the latest version 2023

    APP NAMEFMWhatsApp Apk
    DeveloperFouad Mods
    App Size55.7 MB
    App TypeWhatsApp MOD
    Update1 day ago

    FMWhatsApp Latest Version New Features

    • Anti-ban
    • Updated Base
    • Remove forwarded tag in chats/media
    • Anti-delete feature
    • Hide view story
    • More stickers and emojis
    • Custom theme
    • Dark/light theme

    Other Modified Versions

    Powerful Function Of FMWhatsApp

    Why not choose an application that has more features? As demand for new features and privacy continues to grow, more users are willing to use third-party FMWhatsApp than the original version. Since the revised version offers a lot more features than the original, here we mention some of the highlights of FM Whatsapp. After seeing these features, I think you’ll want to give them a try.

    Hide view status in FMWhatsApp:

    Hide view
    Hide view

    It provides enhancements regarding its privacy. With this feature, people who post stories on their status won’t know that you’re looking at their status. In other words, enabling this feature will let you go invisible and watch other people’s stories posted in their status section without letting them know.

    Disable Forwarded Tag on Messages:


    With the help of FM Whatsapp, we can forward any message without letting others know that a message sent to them has been forwarded many times before it reaches them.

    Select The Contacts Who May Able To Call You:

    Call You
    Call You

    With the latest version of FM Whatsapp, you can select people from your contact list who can call you on Whatsapp.

    Freeze your Last Scene:

    FMWhatsapp will allow you to see what other people saw last, and other people will not be able to see when you last used WhatsApp.

    Show Blue ticks after Reply:

    You may find this feature of FMWhatsapp very important as it allows you to be completely invisible without even having to let your friends know that you are online and reading their messages without replying to them. With the help of FM WhatsApp, senders will only see a blue tick when you reply, not just check the message. This feature can be very important for people who are always busy and don’t have time to respond immediately.

    Hide delivered and blueTick:

    When you receive any message, the sender will have no way of knowing if it was sent to you. This also applies to the blue scale. The sender will not know if you have seen the message. There’s only one tick in his APP. However, you can now read his messages without him.

    Hide typing and recording action text:

    As the name suggests, you don’t want others to know what you’re doing online and while the conversation is going on? Turn this on and it will not show that the person you are chatting with is entering or recording a voice message. Protect privacy in the best way possible.

    Anti-Delete Status:

    Anti-delete status is once again one of the biggest features available in FMWhatsapp. You can see it even if they delete other people’s stories.

    Anti-Delete Messages:

    As with anti-delete status, FM Whatsapp comes with anti-delete messages. The purpose of this feature is to enable you to read messages deleted by senders. FM Whatsapp developers have added a feature where you can view messages that have been deleted by senders.


    FM Whatsapp comes with a large number of different themes, and it contains a collection of over 100 themes, with more coming soon. Choose whichever one is right for you. Try something new every day, download FM Whatsapp now and enjoy these great features.

    Final Words

    We all love the official version, but it has some limitations that prevent us from using the features we want. FM WhatsApp 2023 goes beyond the official version with more useful features. It offers customization, privacy, security and advanced operations that elevate FM WhatsApp to a better level and give users a better experience. Trust me, go download and use FMWhatsApp Apk and you will love it.